I'm Holly Sheahan. My middle name is Partee. I'm a native Phoenician, a mom, wife, artist, designer, and self-proclaimed nerd.


I have been a designer since graduating from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2003. I have worked in digital imaging, golf and my true passion, helping small businesses with their identities and branding.


I am an avid doodler, and the process of design is my favorite part. I love when I've come up with something I am sure my clients will love. My goal is always to create something unique, fresh and versatile. I love it when something I've created excites and revitalizes a client and their business.


I am constantly seeking to improve, grow and expand my abilities. In this, I am happy to finally be able to offer web design as a service. I would love to have the opportunity to help you with any design needs. Please email me holly.partee@yahoo.com

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